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Friday, March 17, 2017

Independent Borzoi specialty show with puppy & veteran sweepstakes, and junior showmanship entries, at Bates Nut Farm, 15954 Woods Valley Road, Valley Center CA

             March 17 premium   (pdf)

Borzoi Specialty Judge: Sheila Paske

Borzoi Puppy and Veteran Sweeps judge: Terry Ann Doane

Borzoi Junior Showmanship judge: Juliet Rigtrup  (no charge for junior showmanship entries)

Mail entries for March 17 to specialty show secretary: K. Carol Artley  email

same site as March 18 & 19 all-breed shows that will have borzoi trophy supported entries.

for March 18 & 19, send entries to superintendent Jack Bradshaw

Borzoi Club of California Secretary Email

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